Storage Tips

Both new and old storage unit tenants are always looking for ways to better safeguard their stored possessions, some helpful hints for packing and storage –

  1. Label, label, label! Mark every box with its contents and keep a written inventory as you pack.
  2. Use the right box! Large boxes for lighter items (pillows, bedspreads, lamps, etc.) and smaller boxes for heavier items (books, CD’s, etc.)
  3. Respect breakables! Wrap dishes and glassware individually and pad the box with packing paper or bubble wrap to provide extra protection.
  4. “This side UP!” When marking and labeling boxes, make sure to indicate which side should be stored “this side up”.
  5. Plan ahead! Store items that you may need to get to more frequently at the front of your unit.
  6. Map it! As you move into your storage unit, draw a simple sketch map showing where keys items or boxes are located. After packing, it is helpful to number each box, identify boxes with a brief description of the item(s) or the room that it might be used for.
  7. List it! Make a complete inventory list of all items being stored. It can also be helpful to take pictures of the stored items.
  8. Cover up! Protect your furniture, including mattresses and box springs by covering them.
  9. Think storing vertical! You can make better use of your storage space by stacking items, boxes, etc. to the ceiling, making sure to keep heavier and more stable items stored on the bottom and lighter items on top.
  10. Don’t over reach! Make sure to use a small step ladder to help stack and store items above your head.
  11. Optimize your storage space! Break down any furniture that has removable legs, leaves or other parts.
  12. Stack chairs seat-to-seat with towels or blankets between them.
  13. Multi-task! Use your refrigerator or other appliances to store smaller items, like linens, even books or
  14. CD’s. Wedge the door of any appliance open a small amount to allow for air circulation.
  15. Take a breath! Leave a small space between the walls of your unit and your stored items to help allow for air circulation and ventilation.
  16. Tools up! Shovels, hoes, rakes, and hoses can be stored together in empty trash cans. Stack extra cans inside one another.
  17. Clear the air! If you’re going to store a gas power lawn mower or other yard tool, clean equipment and drain all the gas prior to storing, which will help alleviate unpleasant odors.
  18. Be prepared! Keep an extra emergency preparedness kit in your storage unit. If your home should become inaccessible, you have a second supply ready for use.

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